How to Cook Frozen Pizza While Camping: 6 Ways

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Cooking a frozen pizza is easy when you are camping. I looked up all the ways to enjoy this easy meal when you don’t have an oven.

To cook frozen pizza when you are camping all you need is a fire and a flat surface to cook it on. Create a fire and put a tripod over the fire. Place the pizza on top of the grate and adjust to a level where it gets enough heat. Height will depend on how hot the fire is.

If you don’t have a tripod to cook on, that’s okay because there are other ways you can cook your pizza, which I explain below. One of these ways is to use a large flat rock. Choose which will work best for you and what you already may have.

Over the Fire

There are a few ways to cook a frozen pizza over a camp fire. For cooking over the fire you can use a tripod or pie iron.

Using a Tripod

  1. Build a fire in your fire pit and place a tripod over it.
  2. Decide if you will place your pizza on top of aluminum foil or a cast iron pan. You can also place it directly on the grill also.
  3. Put your frozen pizza on your tripod. Keep the tripod grill away from the direct flames. This will help prevent the pizza from burning.

Using a Pie Iron

A pie iron is a common tool used to make pudgy pies with. Yet, it works great for pizza too!

  1. Slice your thawed out frozen pizza to get it to fit into your pie iron.
  2. Close the iron and hold it over the fire.
  3. As you are cooking it, open it up and check on how it’s cooking. Adjust were you are cooking it in the fire if you need a hoter or cooler spot.

On a Bed of Coals

Cooking on a bed of coals may take patients since you have to wait for the fire to burn for a period of time. However, doing this will give you a nice hot surface for you to cook on with your cast iron.

Using Just a Cast Iron Skillet

  1. Build a log cabin fire so you can place a cast iron on top. This will help heat the cast iron.
  2. Allow the fire to turn to hot coals.
  3. Place the thawed out pizza on the cast iron grill. Place a cover or aluminum foil tent on top to help melt the cheese and keep the heat in.
  4. Remove the pizza once cooked to your preference.

Using a Dutch Oven

You will use the same directions as if you are using a cast-iron skillet. However, go ahead and place the dutch oven cover on. This will help keep the heat in and help the cheese melt better.

dutch oven on a bed of coals

Using a Grill

A grill is great to use to cook pizza when you are camping or even at home. You can place the pizza directly on the grates or lay down a piece of aluminum foil or a cast iron pan.

What you will Need

  • A Grill
  • Aluminum foil or cast iron pan (optional).
  1. Turn your grill on high for 10-15 minutes and close the lid.
  2. After the time has passed place the frozen pizza in the grill where it will get indirect heat. You can place it directly on the grills, or on aluminum foil, or even a cast-iron pan. What you use will depend on the size.
  3. Turn your grill on low now and check every 5 minutes or so. Judge to see how the cheese is melting.
  4. When it’s almost done, go ahead and get it closer to the heat to crisp up the crust if needed.

On a Flat Stone

A flat stone that you can heat up in the fire is a great surface to cook your pizza on when you are in the wilderness. When I say a stone, I don’t mean a stone you can buy at the store. I’m thinking of a large stone or rock that you can find at your camp site. You could still use a stone that you can buy at the store for pizza though.

This is a great method for cooking if you are out backpacking with limited supplies.

What you will Need

  • A flat stone
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Fire
  1. Thaw out the frozen pizza.
  2. Place a large enough stone where you will create a fire.
  3. Build a fire on top of your stone.
  4. Get a piece of aluminum foil big enough to lay the frozen pizza on and to be able to fold over the pizza.
  5. Place the pizza on the foil and fold over the foil to cover the pizza but leave space between the cheese and the foil. Leaving space will help the cheese melting on the foil.
  6. Once the fire has been going for a while, at least 20 minutes, or until you start to see coals forming on your logs, move the fire off of the stone.
  7. Place your foiled pizza on the stone.
  8. After a few minutes, check on your pizza. Check every so often to see how much longer you may need to cook it.

Getting the Cheese to Melt Better

To help get the cheese to melt better over an open flame, use something to cover it. Such as a pot cover or a tinfoil tent. This will help keep the heat on the pizza top and not escaping.

Can You Cook a Frozen Pizza that has Thawed?

You can safely cook a frozen pizza that has been thawed. As long as the pizza has stayed below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, you can cook it within 7 days of it thawing. At times, it may be best to use a thawed one for cooking it while camping or any place that’s not in your oven at home.

Cast Iron Skillets for Cooking Pizza

It’s not common knowledge that there are cast iron skillets that are large enough to cook pizza on. In fact there are sizes that range from 14-17 inches. These are great to use when cooking over a fire or even on a grill.

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